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The growth opportunities that wsEnrichment can offer to an organization are augmented by a support system that is accommodating, engaging and always accessible to users of all levels of technical interaction.  
Developed to be both flexible and scalable, wsEnrichment can accommodate the processes that are unique to the individual organization through custom reports, mail merges and discounting/cost formulas.  
The goal of each training session is to maximize staff comprehension and comfort with the product and to model the platform's management functions after existing processes to maintain continuity wherever possible.    

A commitment to client-centered solutions translates to 24/7 phone and email access to technicians and customer care specialists as well as ongoing support to continually refine and maximize each organization's use of the software.    
"We really feel that our students and our staff have benefited from our decision to go with wsEnrichment. We've been very satisfied with the level of support we've received as well as the flexibility of the software to uniquely meet our needs."
- Melanie Foley, Director
Milddletown Adult Education
"Training was easy and the software is powerful. wsEnrichment has had an immediate impact on our ability to administer our course catalog."
- Roslyn Nesin, Director
Stamford Adult Education
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